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Our Real Estate Divorce Specialist Training Course is your key to standing out from the crowd of other real estate professionals. Every year 1.2 million couples get divorced. Over 70% of these divorce cases involve either buying a home, selling a home or both.

The market for real estate professionals is enormous. The current increase in divorces caused by the economic crisis is creating even higher demand for Real Estate Divorce Specialists™.

Our training program will make you the real estate professional of choice for divorcing clients.

Divorcing couples are going through one of the most stressful times in their lives, and they need all the help they can get. Not just anyone's help, but knowledgeable help that only you will be able to provide for them.

Wouldn't you like to be at the forefront of a market that includes 2.4 million people each year who need your help?

What Will I Learn?

As a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist, you will be trained in the legal and tax aspects of divorce that most divorce lawyers don't even know.

For example, did you know:
The spouse who moved out of the family home as long as 6 years ago can still take a $250,000 exclusion when the house is sold, even though the spouse who stayed in the house also took a $250,000 exclusion?

Testimonials from Previous Students

My business has really increased since I completed the course. By following your marketing suggestions, I already have many listings from divorcing clients, and I'm just getting started. My investment in the class has definitely paid off. (Kathryn O'Brien)


Course Contents

I. Anatomy of a Divorce by Gregg Greenstein, JD of Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C.

Gregg Greenstein, JD

Gregg is a nationally-recognized divorce attorney who has been teaching about real estate and divorce for almost 30 years. His expertise and engaging presentation skills make the information easy to understand.

Gregg's talks about:

  • Common Law Marriage
  • Effect of Marital Status on Title & the Ability to Sell
  • Types of Property
  • Waiting Periods & No Fault Divorce
  • Lis Pendens Notice
  • The Great Custody Myth
  • Comparative Broker Analysis/Broker Price Opinions
  • Getting The Listing/Brokerage Relationships
  • Disclosure Of Broker's Pending Divorce
  • Divorcing Renters/Divorcing Landlords
  • Bankruptcy By Divorcing Couples
  • Testifying in Court

II. Working with Divorcing Clients by Carol Ann Wilson, CFP, CFDP

Carol Ann Wilson

Carol Ann is one of the nation's foremost experts on divorce and financial issues. She is a Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner and a Certified Financial Planner and has been working with divorcing clients for over 22 years. She is an expert in real estate niche marketing.

Carol Ann's topics include:

  • What is Considered Property?
  • Tax Issues For Sale Of The Family Home
  • Three Ways To Divide The House
  • The Importance Of Basis
  • Maintenance, Alimony, & Child Support
  • Divorce And Pensions
  • Protecting Yourself From Malpractice
  • Being an Expert Witness
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