Video Testimonial of Kathryn O'Brien
After completing Marketing Portion of the Real Estate Divorce Specialist
Training Course
This is a short excerpt from an interview with Kathryn O'Brien about her success as a Real Estate Divorce Specialist since she completed the training. See how she the Certification Training helped her get an article printed in the Boston Globe and an interview with NBC!

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Video Testimonial of Kathryn O'Brien
After completing Real Estate Divorce Specialist Training Course
RE/MAX Country Crossroads

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Video Testimony of John Krol
After completing Real Estate Divorce Specialist Training Course

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Video Testimony of Pamela Kuhr
After completing Real Estate Divorce Specialist Training Course
Garard and Associates, LLC
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Video Testimony of Mark Gipple
After completing Real Estate Divorce Specialist Training Course

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"I was just amazed at the information. The material is beyond excellent and very, very practical." (Elaine Stucy, Stucy Realty)

The Carol Ann Wilson, CFDP, and Gregg Greenstein, JD, seminar for Real Estate Divorce Specialists enables Real Estate Brokers to educate their clients during the sale or purchasing of a property prior, during, or after divorce. Taking the Real Estate Divorce Specialist seminar is a "must have" for Real Estate Brokers who care about their buyers and/or sellers. (Janelle Endres)

Wow! Anyone who can make a dry, technical subject interesting and fun must be a fabulous speaker! Extremely valuable information! Great boost to my career! (Sabina Kier)

I found this information very fascinating. I'll be more confident when dealing with the divorcing clients now that I understand the implications and process of divorce. (Kim Adamof)

Having this information would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the inequitable divorce settlement I received. Now I can help other people avoid many pitfalls during one of the most painful times of their life. (Mary Ann Bledsoe)

This is a real eye opener. We really don't know how divorce works. As an agent who has done many divorce sales throughout my 22 year career, I now realize I didn't know as much as I thought. Fantastic opportunity to be a great help to the divorce world. (Laurie Roberts)

A whole new opportunity to help at risk homeowners who are involved in the divorce process. (Anne Feist)

Great concept for an area we frequently run into. (Duane Caraballo)

Having been divorced, I never knew half of what you brought to the table. (Mike Shaw)

This course addressed a very substantive subject that is one portion of business for the Realtor. It gives the Realtor a full understanding of the interaction between the Realtor, Certified Financial Divorce Planner and the attorney on the best way to handle and expedite the matter with and between the divorcing parties., but still be sensitive to the parties and their children. (Maria Smith)

Lots of valuable information that was new and not available thru CRS or continuing education courses. A very worthwhile course to consider taking. A real eye opener! (Gail Lincoln)

The real estate laws on common law marriages were a real eye opener and important for today's lifestyles. (Evie Cohen)

Education is critical to maintaining our professional status. This class gives you more tools to efficiently assist a large market section. I also found it to be a wonderful networking opportunity! (Jacqui Jeffress)

This was a Special class!!! You have assembled great material that I am confident will serve me well for years to come. (John Krol)

Very informative seminar. A must for Real Estate Brokers. (Adam Malachi)

Great class. Very timely (timeless) and relatively undeveloped topic. Glad to see someone finally doing some training in this area. (Ray Mallard)

The legal concepts while based on Colo Law, were general enough to apply to other jurisdictions. Attorney Greenstein's efforts to research other state's applicable laws provided a base for that state's practitioner to do further research. Ms. Wilson gave us enough information to understand the potential pitfalls and issues that can arise during divorce where the sale of Real Estate is involved. (Andrea Kerr)

I am sure that every participant in this room is now thinking (at the end of this fabulous seminar) how much better they could have served their past clients who were divorcing. I know these above average realtors will now be able to take their quality of service to a new level. (Kathryn O'Brien)



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